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       Kiss Me is a baseball over-shirt. Colored for the new summer, the hallmark phrasing is a reconciliation with the lost generation and the unbridled, care-free summer. Hand-stitched lettering and flower embroidery, each garment is individually examined, and carefully built.

     When you see this shirt, we hope you feel the lightness of the bespoke linen, with the flourish of youth and glimmer of promises. Honestly, we adore this shirt, hope you do too.



Careful cut

Every single shirt in this unique run of 30 is examined stitch by stitch. The measurements and fit are made with the help and wisdom with one of LA's premier bespoke designers, Ant Digenova.



The fabric is one-of-a-kind washed viscose linen, with individually sewn flowers with a palette for warmth. The flowers will stretch over time and soften as you wear into the garment.



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