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When You Wake Up Review

Airbud, who also goes by Luke Borchelt on occasion, has burst out of the sleepy maritime city of Annapolis with his sparkling single “When You Wake Up”, a lofty piece that traverses from a slow, pained ballad to a gut wrenching rock anthem. The gently weeping guitar chords construct the vision of looking into the face of someone you just can’t force yourself to love. Gliding along the sonic landscape in manner akin to Ritt Momney and Role Model, with a much more cutting edge, Airbud focuses on ripping and gritty vocals that push through a visceral sense of heartache and disappointment. “When You Wake Up” is rock in a time when overly smoothed and synthetic pop vocals have taken up much of our content, leading to a serious gap in raw, potent vocality combined with lyrics that are an embodiment of authenticity. The track slips around moments of reality and shimmering metaphors that juxtapose what someone wants and what they’re really witnessing, and the sadness at the gap between the two.

The Airbud story started with Luke’s time at King’s College in New York City, playing lacrosse when teammates noted his fine, fine golden hair reminded them of that other famous athlete. The now NYC-based, 22 year old’s sound has gradually moved from a casual rap-rock eminence to a much more rock-centric pocket, where it has remained. Luke is recently divorced and looking to get his kids back from Sharon. Airbud is currently ready to release a full-length album, written and produced by himself and close friends right at home in Annapolis as the artist travels between the sailing capital and the big apple for performances.


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